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My Seven Week Old Puppy?

My seven week old puppy ate a rawhide bone whole what do I do

Puppy Dewormer?

gave puppy med at 9 a.m. and it is now 10 p.m. and puppy just threw up. she has done anything until now. is that normal??

My 5 Month Old German?

My 5 month old german shepherd is weak, vomiting, barley eats and the eyes are sunken like they are droppy what can I do to get him back to normal plz


Hi, my dog is vomitting...he doesnt want to eat dogfood w/ rice like he did before...he just wants pork lately ...almost 4month old dachshund-beagle btw...he vomitted twice yesterday...

My Jack Russell Is Always?

My Jack Russell is always chewing on her feet. She had been to the vet twice go meds for allergy stuff and to fight bacteria. It's back again, what can I do


I took my dog to the vet 3 days ago for deworming he's been fine but this morning he's been trying to pop and he hasn't been able to this obviously means he's constipated. Is...

Hello You Need To Add?

Hello you need to add Collies to the list of dogs that do not have the "typical" doggie order.

Our Whole Litter Of 9?

Our whole litter of 9 pups began vomiting, they've just had an all wormer a few days ago...could this be making them sick? Their stools are mostly normal and I haven't seen any...


She just keeps sitting?

Will It Hurt My Dog?

Will it hurt my dog if he licks or bites my bearded dragon?

Water For Pug?

Pug 3 years old does not drink water at all

My Bullmastiff Girl Is 11

My bullmastiff girl is 11 month and doesn't seem intrested in her large breed puppy food anymore do I put her on adult food now as she is already the size of an adult bullmastiff...

I Accidentally Gave My Fog?

I accidentally gave my fog to much working medicine is tgere something I can do to combat it it was almost twice the dose

I Gave My Puppy A?

I gave my puppy a dose of nemex 2, after that she pooped what seem to be liquid but never pooped out dead worms. Its only been a few days since the dose and she literally has...


I wormed my dog a week ago. It was a powder to be sprinkled on the food for three days. She have diarea for those three days expelling worms the first two day. Day four stools...
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