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My Dog Furminator Came Today?

my dog furminator came today with loose blade. is this normal?

Deworming Side Effects?

Help me.. My puppy is 29day old , gave him deworming medicine.. After That he is not eating any thing and is sleeping.. What should I do?

I Have 6 Month Old?

I have 6 month old Chihuahua gave him worm medicine but now he is shaking is this normal side effect? He is eating & drinking still. I have gave him this medicine b4 but don't...

Is It Ok To Deworm?

is it ok to deworm my dog even if he hasn't eaten anything in the past 2 days ? his poop and vomits all have roundworms in them . he seems so weak . what should i do ?

My 9 Month Old Puppy

my 9 month old puppy (spayed ) has vaginitis. she urinates in her sleep and when examined had inflamed vagina with ulcers. vet put her on doxycycline 400mg dly for 14 days. ...

How To Feed A Mongrel?

How to feed a mongrel

Can An Overdose Of Dewormer?

Can an overdose of dewormer cause seizures?

I Have A Pug .

i have a pug . he was dewormed when he was 32 days. then again after a week he was given 2 ml of vominil for deworming . but this time he is having diarrhea and not eating since...

40 Days Old Shih Tzu Puppy, Serious?

I have a 40 days old shih tzu puppy, he was helthy and suddenly started puking lot of worms and become very very dull. I took him to the vet, they gave him fluids and deworming...

About Deworming.

My Puppy got dewormed a few days ago. And diarrhea ko attacked, then our vet said that is normal.mand he said we should try giving him yakult. Then we tried it. And now hes pooping...

Puppy Not Gaining Weight?

I have a 16 week old teddy bear puppy. She cannot eat dry food as it gives her diarrea. We have to have her on GI wet food. Just tried to switch her to GI dry by adding a tiny...

Puppy Wont Eat?

I have a 7 week old shih tzu/ . chihuahua mux weighing 1.2 pounds. Wont eat or drink. Took to vet and they said nothing wrong sofar gave vitamin drops. I am so stressed. All...

German Pinsher?

a lady found a dog which looks and sounds and acts just like a german pinsher on her farm and tried to find his owner and couldn't. Is there some way I can find out if it is...

Sick From Time To Time

hi my name is kira i have a 9 year old rescued her 3years a go i ant had her to the vet sin i got her off a friend who had her a fu months be for i did she is sick from time to...

Can I Bathe A Dog With Human Shampoo?

I'm just wondering how human shampoo is different from dog shampoo and if I can use human shampoo to bathe a dog.
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