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My 75Lb. Dobermann Ate A?

my 75lb. dobermann ate a frog/toad whatever. I live in a large city, Midwest. Since then severe diarrhea, lethargy, but is still drinking water and eating. Should I be concerned...

Will My 6 Week Old?

will my 6 week old puppies get enough/proper nutriton with Purina Beyond?

Field Spaniel's Ears Have Become Very...

Hi, I have a 2 yr old field spaniel. In the past few days his ears have become very smelly. My husband has carefully removed black dirt around the outer part of the inner ear but...

Heartbeat Listening To Of A Dog?

Where is the best place to hear the heartbeat of a dog? Also would an adult sized stethoscope work to hear the heartbeat of a dog? Please answer this soon ok thanks

Smelly Ears?

My flat coat retriever has an issue with smelly ears--the vet has checked and says there is no infection and has advised us to continue using the Epi Otic cleansing liquid. We...

Do Irish Red Setters Smell?

Do Irish red setters smell bad?

Frolic Dog Food

Hello, have you tried Frolic dog food and how did you like it? Any reviews will be appreciated.

Why Has My 10 Month?

Why has my 10 month old pup starting to chew again ? She just having her first season

My 5 N A Half?

my 5 n a half week old puppy was jus given over the counter de wormer medicine. it said one capsule in her food for her weight, the medication is called , PET ARMOR. WORM AWAY...

Hello My Name Is Raylea?

Hello my name is Raylea and I have a puppy that I rescued about 3 weeks ago and I'm not sure how old she is. She was eating hard dog food so I assumed she was 6 or 7 weeks so...

Hi Can You Pleas Tell?

hi can you pleas tell me how many types os dog there are

Swollen Tummy?

what should i do if my 2 weeks old puppy has a swollen tummy and always cry?

Gorgeous Male And Female English Bulldog...

Gorgeous Male and Female English Bulldog Puppies For Adoption. Very Playful and friendly. Home breed and well socialized. Comes with AKC Registration, Pedigree, vaccination card...

My Dog Furminator Came Today?

my dog furminator came today with loose blade. is this normal?

Deworming Side Effects?

Help me.. My puppy is 29day old , gave him deworming medicine.. After That he is not eating any thing and is sleeping.. What should I do?
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