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Dog Deworming Side Effects?

We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon...

What Is A White Liquid Med For?

my Pitbull was given a dose of a yellow liquid and a dose to take home of a white liquid to give her tomorrow. shes being treated for worms, and weighg loss, but what is the...


my very small pup got wormed 3 days ago, this morning he started vommiting, hes been great Im worried

Vomiting Puppy?

Hello, I have a terrier mix puppy who is a little over 2 months old. I got him from the Humane Society 10 days ago. 11/12 days ago he was neutered and had received deworming...

Vomiting Puppy?

Hello, I have a terrier mix puppy who is a little over 2 months old and 4 pounds. I got him from the Humane Society 10 days ago. 11-12 days ago he was neutered and had received...

Valbazen Dog Overdose?!?

I recently gave my 2 dogs Valbazen Jan.22 at 9pm. I was told the wrong dosage, later to find out I had given them about 5times the correct amount! The correct dosage was suppose...

Why Your Dog Needs A Ramp

A Dog Ramp is important for all sizes and breeds of dogs, but especially useful for smaller and older dogs with problems such as arthritis or other joint issues. There are ramps...

Deworming Puppies?

Is it recommended to give puppies worming medication before or after they eat?

Hi... I Gave My Puppy?

Hi... I gave my puppy some worm medicine and now he's laying around and has puked more than 2 times and also its clear foam What should I do?

Iodine Requirements In Dogs?

How much iodine dogs need? What are iodine requirements in dogs? I want to make sure that my dogs gets all the necessary iodine he needs.

How Often Do I Bathe?

how often do i bathe my 6 week old puppy

Why Your Dog Needs Fatty Acids?

A deficiency in essential fatty acids will result in a rough, dry coat, dandruff, retarded growth of puppies, reproduction problems, chronic pancreatitis, gall bladder disease...

I Wormed My Puppy With?

I wormed my puppy with goat wormer and think I give it too much it's been over 24 hours he's drinking a little bit of water but very nauseous and sick pooping a lot not moving...

Not Pooping Good?

I got a 2 week old puppy that pooping some but not enough. What can I give him

Hi, Anyone Can Advice Me..

hi, anyone can advice me.. i dewormed my puppy a while ago then after two hours, the worms were passed of about 4 worms and my puppy is sleeping until now, is it okay for him...
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