Hello to all. I've got a problem. I've had several dogs before but this is the first time I come across such a situation. My Jack Russel, a very cheerful and playful dog, is afraid of our routine walks. It has been happening for about two weeks alreayd. He used to do it with pleasure but now as soon as he's done his business he tries to pull me home, with his tail kept between the back legs. What's wrong with him?
Did anything traumatic occur on one of your walks? Is it always in the same spot or area during your walk? Have you tried walking a different route?

You may not think there was a trauma, but it sounds like something has frightened your dog. It could have been something as simple as a car horn, or a child screaming, or a large dog barking, or something fell over near him, or something moved very quickly in his line of vision ... etc.
It's not the same spot but being outside in general. Now that I think about it I remember that there were some fireworks that might have scared him a few weeks back. Emotion: sad Is there anything I can do to bring the joy of the walks back?
It will take time and patience, but yes, you can bring back the joy for him. Start by getting him excited and happy to go outside with you. Try tempting him with his favourite toy or snack, but don't give it to him until he cooperates and goes outside with you.

Then attach his leash and take him for a walk just in your own yard. Do this for several days, then extend your walks to a couple houses away and back again. The entire time that you're walking together, keep the excitement level going. The more fun he's having, and the more distracted you can keep him, the better he'll respond, and the sooner he'll get over his fears.

You also have to become the pack leader in your home. Do NOT show any anxiety when he begins to exhibit fear. Simply distract him, keep yourself relaxed and continue walking. If he sits down, or starts to pull toward home, again distract him with his toy or snack to take his mind off his fear.