yesterday my brother came back from home and found our 2 year old belgian malinois to be very lethargic. he took him to a very right away and the vet thinks it's meningitis. afaik meningitis is an inflammation of the membranes in the brain and spinal cord. my brother's taking rommy to a specialist today. they will probably have to do a spinal tap. yesterday the vet did xrays of rommy's spine and took blood test. the blood was ok almost, there was high amount of white blood cells. xrays didn't reveal any abnormalities.
i'm very worried and can hardly think of anything else but rommy. please pray for him with me!!

I'm sorry to hear this. How's Rommy doing now? My prayers are with him.

Yada, i have a two year old Malinois as well and he was just diagnosed with Meningitis yesterday. He was so full of energy until one day I noticed that he was very lethargic as well. It's very saddening, however because it was caught early he stands a very good (95%) chance of fully recovering with fairly inexpensive medication. The treatment last 3 to 4 months of taking Prednizone (oral steroid) along with two other drugs which help protect his stomach while on the steroids.

Jake is a working dogs and has many years a head of him. I'm sure that if treatment starts soon for rommy then he too will have many years of life ahead.