Hello everyone,

I got these in an e-mail and thought it'd be nice to share.
Do you guys have some dog mottos or puns that always make you smile? What's your dog's motto?

Afghan Hound: "Sure I can comb over"

Basenji: "A curly tail can wag all day and never knock anything over"
Basset Hound: "I'm all ears"
Bloodhound: "Don't forget to stop and smell the piles"
Border Collie: "I herd you"
Boxer: "My charm will knock you out"
Chihuahua: "Great things come in small packages"
Dachshund: "Just a long for the ride"
Dalmatian: "See spot run"
French Bulldog: "Je ne parle pas Ingles"
Great Dane: "Take it in stride"
Greyhound: "Feels like I'm running in circles"
Labrador Retriever: "I get it, I get it"
Golden Retriever: "No worries, I'll get the next one"
Mastiff: "I'll come and sit on you if you don't..."
Pharaoh Hound: "Where's my mummy?"
Pit Bull Terrier: "Get a grip"
Pointer: "Hey, look at this"
Pug: "Be nice or I'll smash your face"
Siberian Husky: "I bet I can pull a fast one on you"
Poodle: "I chase the ball, therefore I am"
Wire Fox Terrier: "Wired to the max"

Tailless Doberman Pinscher: "I have not a tail, therefore, I wag my body"

More dog mottos:
- If it is edible, give it to me!!!
- Let's go!
- Food, love, and belly-rubs make for a perfect life!
- I just look like this... Don't let that scare you!
- Turn me over, rub my belly and we will be friends forever!
- Toys are meant to be destroyed, NOT played with!
- Play ball when you can!
- If you drop it, I will find it!
- If fur were currency, you will see that I've paid you handsomely. Everywhere.
- I'll follow you anywhere, anyplace, anytime.
- If at first you don't succeed, try again... when Mom's not watching!
- I didn't do it, I swear!
- If I stare long enough they will feed me.
- Everyone was put on this earth to pay attention to ME.
- Don't worry, be happy!
- I prefer your lap as a pillow please do not move. Thank you.
- You can not blame me for jumping on you, I just want to be petted!
- Ohh can I have some peanut butter too??
- What does is this 'edible' you speak of? Beer cans aren't edible? Wanna bet?
- If you leave your plate unattended, it's mine for the taking!
- What's that smell? Poop? Moose, horse, elk? Gotta go get me some - yum! What do you mean leave it?
- If you're not noticing my sad eyes and giving me treats I guess I'll just go take a nap.
- It's five o'clock somewhere... feed me!
- What do you mean I can't sit in your lap right now? You're sitting and the cat's not already there - it must be my turn!
- So much to chew, so little time!
- Always get between two people cuddling, because then you get cuddled twice as much!
- When outdoors, if you can't eat it, pee on it!
- I am sure that chair can hold both of us!
lol thanks loved them... my faves are the ones of Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever xD
Bichon: Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again!