Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and had something happen at the dog park and wonder if I should worry. So I have a neutered male pitbull mix. I used to bring him to the dog park all the time when he was 6 months to a 2 years old, He had a lot of energy and would play a little rough with the other dogs, but nothing crazy. after 2 years old he started to become more aggressive when at the dog park and I had to stop going for a while. I would occasionally go back but every time he would be aggressive so I decided to just stop going and just do longer walks. I stopped going to the dog park all together because even on walks in my neighborhood he would growl and bark at any other dog he would see walking, so I felt he would be too aggressive to go back to the dog park off leash. Now he is 5 years old and we started going back to the dog park and he seems to be very calm and just kinda walks around doing his own thing , but not going very far from me. But every time we go there is always one big dog that tries to hump him, I keep an eye on my dog so I noticed it right away and noticed the humper fallowing my dog and sniffing his private parts and then go to mount and hump, my dog will usually allow it for about 5 seconds and then start to growl for another 5 seconds and if the other dog doesn't get off he will turn around and act like he is going to bite, but won't actually bite. In all these instances the humper doesn't stop till my dog turns around and acts like he's going to bite. Sorry for the long description, but I am wondering if my dog is in the wrong or being aggressive when he does this to the humper?

I don't think your dog is wrong. The other dog's owner should step in and stop the behavior. Humping is about dominance and many dogs are simply not going accept some strange dog coming up and physically dominating them in that way and thus a scuffle or worse ensues. And you as a pitbull owner will most likely be blamed if that does happen regardless of whether you are in the right or not. Youre better off avoiding the dog park especially with irresponsible owners who allow their pets to hump other dogs.