Hi animal friends, I have a really frustrating problem. Monty, my 3 year old boxer, will pee on my bed any chance he can get (I usually have the door closed because of this) and I have no idea why he does it! Can anyone help me figure this one out?

--- Jake
Hey Jake,

I agree with Raphael. Those are the most likely reasons. I myself have a cat, and usually he is being that bad when trying to draw our attention. So... just watch yourself: do you ever shout at him? Smack him? I'd say this cruelty is never a good way because it damages your dog's mind. Peeing may also be a revenge for some punishment he considered unfair.
Do you give him enough attention? Do you walk out with him regularly?

I hope you both will get on well soon! (Though I hope you had already got on well.) Emotion: wink
Oh this thread is a bit old so I am hoping your problem is not there anymore. But my only guess is that it's a territorial thing, he's trying to get his scent all over the place. Other reasons I can think of are jealousy, or he's asking (begging) for more attention.
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