Dogs that play among themselves are quite interesting to watch.

I saw a border collie and a smaller dog (one of those grip-at-all-costs types) playing tug with a piece of rope recently. The collie had a clever way of 'winning', it would gradually work it's way up the length of the rope, bit by bit, until it forced the little dog to let go by being nose to nose.
The smaller dog just ran round to the now lose other end to start over. After a while the BC had a different approach and ended up 'collecting' the rope as you might with your arms, ending with several loops rolled through its jaw so the other dog didn't have a loose end to grab after being inevitably forced from the rope!

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Maybe your dogs show some interesting play behavior youd like to share.
May have been a paedophile... in which case the dog chose the correct punishment... good on him. Unfortunate is the 'reward' for the dog... OTOH, dog might have got a hold when the man was at home, and he chased him to the school.. pffft unlikely.
Maybe your dogs show some interesting play behavior youd like to share.

My two tuggers also play eye-to-eye, hanging onto the object at the same place. They growl and snarl like they're in a fight to the death. But as soon as one drops her end, the other offers it back to her.
If it's quiet during a game of tug, I know that when I look over I'll see MacKenzie lying on her side hanging onto one end, and Madigan literally dragging her around the room. It seems to be something they both enjoy.

Madigan took the "go after the hand under the covers" game and developed it into a gentle pantomime. I don't know how else to explain it. She goes after the moving (or nose-grabbing) hand with a visible vengeance, but I don't feel teeth at all no matter how energetically she's lunging. She does sometimes use her paws, though, and that can hurt. :}
Murphy used to play bitey-face, but is no longer interested in the game. Sometimes when the other two are playing tug or bf, she'll join in by humping Madigan. Neither Maddie or MacKenzie notice her at those times. She has never attempted to hump any other dog, or even to hump Madigan under any other circumstances.
Madigan at age 4 still very much enjoys playing with strange dogs. However, she's no longer crazy about bitey-face. If a dog tries to play bf with her, she'll good-naturedly tolerate it, but she visibly attempts to coerce him into a different game. She's great in puppy class, because she teaches the little shark-jaws to add chase tug, and keepaway to their repertoires.

She'll take a toy and wave it in the other dog's face, then pretend to turn and run. If the dog doesn't chase her, she keeps waving it in his face until he tries to make a grab for it, then runs again. If he chases her for the toy, they have a game of chase-chase. If he grabs it, they have a game of tug.

Outside, Madigan also likes to play tag with her two sisters. It seems to consist of running around them in circles, barking, and then poking them with her nose and trying to get them to chase her.
As you can see, my bc is quite inventive when it comes to play. :}

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