are there any dog playgrounds in your area? Heavily visited? Do you take your dogs there? I'm missing this where I live but I wonder if I'd even go.

Luckily for my dogs, we live on an acreage, so they have tonnes of room to run and play. I simply have to open my back door and let them go. They have a great time knocking each other down and wrestling. They are very amusing to watch! Emotion: giggle
A few here yes but I don't take Sherlok there often. Perhaps I should.
There is one in my area but its not kept nice so I don't like going.
I don't have a dog, but I read recently that here in Malta, they're finally making a dog playground. However, if it's anything like the children's playgrounds here (we don't have enough) then it'll be jam packed with dogs! But it's close to a playground I take my kid to, so one day I'll pop over and have a look what it's like, I'm sure my kid will love seeing all the dogs bounce around!
We hardly have dog playgrounds in Russia. Not even in big cities. Emotion: thinking Well at least I've not seen many, if any at all.