Whenever I'm sitting on the couch, my 3 year old Lab, Balu, will come and try to put his paw on my lap. I push him down saying NO but it doesn't seem to help. He'll do it again. He'll also do it when he is lying by my feet, he tries to put his paw on my foot over and over again even though I move it off right away.
He's been doing it for about 8 months now. Why? Is it a sign of affection or what? Sometimes when he does it, he'll growl slightly at people sitting near me. Is he jealous?
From what you explain it sound more like a sign of "ownership" or "possessiveness." You are Balu's human, and by putting his paw on you, he's making certain that you don't go anywhere without him knowing about it. When he growls at other people who come near you, he's showing that you belong to him, and no one had better touch or hurt you ... kind of a protective thing.

I agree. These are signs that he doesn't respect you as a pack leader and thinks you belong to him. Not that I want to scare you but if you don't do anything to claim the leadership position back, his behaviour may worsen into more aggression and possessiveness in the future.

The most simple way to claim leadership back is to be more obstinate and persistent than Balu. Which means, every time he puts his paws on you, do let him know this is unacceptable and keep pushing it away till he stops. It may take a while, maybe ten minutes, maybe twenty, but if you do not achieve what you want, the dog will win and may not obey you in other situations either. It will know it is mentally stronger than you.


When a lab puts his paw on your foot. It is a way of showing extreme affection and love nothing else. Only correct him for the growling deal not the paw.

I have Blue heeler x staffy. Lays at my feet with her paw on one or both. I'm convinced it is to let me know all is good she is there for me. It could also be for comfort and security because she will fall asleep like that.