Hello all, can anybady explain please what does "dog scissors bite" mean? Ive read some articles about dogs and saw that phrase several times. I cant understand what it meeans, really (English is not my native language).For example: The teeth should meet in a scissors or level bite. And what is the "level bite"?

Any help is appreciated!! Thank you!
maybe the picture on this site helps you out a bit. There is a the drawing under the section " MOUTH".

( i did not succeed showing you only the relevant picture. )
if you had a hard time reading the letters, try to save the image and it gets bigger.
I'll add the picture here:

Wow, even I didn't know this!
Emotion: smile Thank you Ruslana!
Is it correct to say "scissors bite" or "scissor bite"?
The correct phrase is "scissor bite." It's called that because the teeth are positioned in such a way as to cut whatever they bite into ... just as a pair of scissors do.