I've checked the FAQ but could not find anything about those dog solencer devices that are advertised. My neighbors arer good people and the 2 dogs are just protecting thier home, or think they are. Whenever i come out in the yard or someone passes by the front they bark. If the barking goes on for awhile, the dogs are let in. Then they are let out again and as soon as they sense that we are in our yard, they bark.

Wait 10 minutes and they are let in again. And the cycle continues. I'm aware of the dog training concept, as well as talking to my neighbors but for the purpose of this post am interested in getting info about exterior electronic devices that are supposed to silence a neighbors barking dogs. I am not looking to harm the dogs, annnoy is OK but not harm.
If these devices are harmful, LMK. Any info on this will be apprteciated.
Well, if your neighbors are paying enough attention to let the dogs in when they bark...that's good. It's amazing how many dog owners just put the dogs out and leave 'em there, barking...rain or shine.
Maybe make friends with your neighbors to make friends with the dogs. If that doesn't work, then you could try a Bark Free. I used a Bark Free where I used to live and it was moderately successful, mostly the barker moved to another location and barked from there. But it was a really dumb, unsocialized dog. It was crazy from boredom. It's owners did nothing to stimulate or exercise it.