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You ruined it for me. I started reading and immediately though "until Harriet came along and bloew the no-furniture rule sky high'.

heh. that's because whatever Miss Brown wants, Miss Brown gets.
This is a Boxer trait shelly, except for the part about getting off when told. Some obey, some don't, its usually the boys who listen and the girls who don't. You got lucky.

i dunno about being lucky, but i certainly can't complain. at least, not until i get home and have to figure out how to get her to come outside to potty. Katrina is here and dumping 1"/hour of horizontal rain. something tells me that there isn't a cookie invented that's good enough to entice harriet outside in this crap.
No need to wonder any longer, its another Boxer trait. Fancy, Joe Joe and every Boxer I've ever had has done this. Some even get put out with me when I ignore the snot-blowing and begin woo-whining, sometimes coupled with a paw on the leg.

harriet has that part down pat, too. the woo-wooing would be obnoxious if it weren't so damned cute. my favorite is when it's accompanied by the bucking bronco kidney bean dance, especially when it ends in a kidney bean play bow. now that's entertainment!
Their heads are so damned big its not like I can't see them sitting there or hear & feel the snot-blowing behavior.

yabbut, they don't know that.
For some reason they think the woo-whine and paw-on-leg will work where the snot and stare failed. I guess I've ... what I was doing. For the sake of my sanity its just easier to give in (they've trained me well).


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