Hi please advise how we can help our dog. It's a Dachshund, 6 months old, very lively and active. He's been sneezing lately and it looks like he makes effort to breathe out. We stopped using any air fresheners because we thought it was an allergy but this didn't help. The nose is wet, free from discharge, the appetite is OK too. What can it be?
Sounds like either an allergy or a cold to me. If there's no positive changes in several days, or if his condition gets worse, take him to a vet. But as far as I know, light colds are usually gone on their own if the dog's overall health is fine.
are his eyes gunky looking too? could be allergies. im not an expert, but my dog has seasonal allergies ( like his owners! hah) and he sneezes a lot when there is pollen out and his eyes get gunky. he actually gets allergy shots for this..

Other than that , i have no clue what the problem might be...
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