Hi, When i eat my dog will always stare at me and follows every piece of food with his eyes.how should i understand it? Everyone who i've asked have very different opinions.
I personally think it's like an emotional taunt for to the dog.please let me know what you think.
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Haha okay, sounds good!
Never use any form of punishment on your dog, this will only increase the problems you are having. The dog simply wants the food you are eating. Have you at some point fed the dog human foods that you are eating? If the answer is yes then that is your problem. If the answer is no, then someone else probably has Emotion: smile
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I agree with you because we have a dog in the house that begs for food every time we eat.
That's not the case at all I never fed my dog any other kind of food except his dog food and he's only with me and he stares when I eat as well as when I prepare my food so please with this they are begging and need to stop spraying the water will not harm them in any kinda way but it will teach them to stop staring
The dog could be starving. That's a sign that he wants some food
The dog is doing no harm watching you eat. So long as you are established as the 'pack leader' at all times I cannot see why the simple act of the dog watching you eat should be such a bother. Sometimes I will give my dog the remnant of toast in the morning, sometimes not, if I don't he's not bothered about it. Unless the dog is encroaching on you while you eat - i.e trying to take the food from you - there is no reason to squirt the poor animal in the face with anything. Just relax and enjoy his company!
It bothers me greatly because it's annoying but mostly as one of them drools constantly from the moment I even move to the refridge to the last bite I take - huge streams of it all over the floor and I find it repulsive and extremely difficult to eat my own meal nevertheless enjoy it, which I'm sorry but I do feel entitled to do. My last dog didn't do this - guess I was lucky. I have actually taken to scarfing my food down as fast as possible while locked in the bedroom while they whine and bark just so I can avoid the drooling.

Squirting an animal with water is about as harmless as you can get. I LOVE animals but I don't think that I should have to alter my living to suit them ALL the time. I've already tried training them with treats - which has worked to the effect that they no longer will sit inches from me drooling and instead will do it from the other side of the kitchen....but I absolutely cannot figure out a way to get them to lie down and relax. I also have just locked the one in his crate while I'm eating but I feel so guilty about that - I would really love for them to just lie down, relax, and enjoy the house and food and everything else that I provide for them so that I too can enjoy it.
My conscience bothers me when my dog watches me as I eat. The same way with human beings. I feel disturbed when I eat when someone else is just looking at m. The sense of sharing got the best of me I guess.
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