Hi, When i eat my dog will always stare at me and follows every piece of food with his eyes.how should i understand it? Everyone who i've asked have very different opinions.
I personally think it's like an emotional taunt for to the dog.please let me know what you think.
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a bath is not doing nothing you just have to do something right at the time to let him know he cant do that
IsaacI have this problem with my dog also. I'm holding myself back from doing this because he already hates water. Would it make it more difficult to give him a bath? Or no?
I agree, punishment is not right way to teach your do about good behavior. Use other friendly ways.
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Become the pack leader by biting and attacking my dog? What are you talking about?
I agree.
he or she saying ,giving me some pleesh lol
I housesit for a friend with multiple dogs. She lap feeds the dogs, and can't get her "no" to mean "no". I do not share my food with dogs, and I know how to make "no" stick. So I spray their faces while I am cooking, and I spray them when they sit and watch me eat. They are getting the message. It works better when I go sit outside on covered deck to eat, so they can have the alternative of running and being dogs rather than pinned up up dogs inside, just knowing the human has good food to eat.
Haven't you guys seen Alien Resurrection when the scientist is pushing the red button?

You might die if you keep spraying that dog with water. Be careful.
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