Hi, When i eat my dog will always stare at me and follows every piece of food with his eyes.how should i understand it? Everyone who i've asked have very different opinions.
I personally think it's like an emotional taunt for to the dog.please let me know what you think.
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I've used water to train dogs and cats and it's very humane. You can always give them something after dinner with a big hug and some play. Usually after a spray or two they quit it anyway... except cats; 😆They're pretty hard to train.

Well my dog does this also! My mother said it was because the recent owner fed her table food. But i didn't think so. Its normal for dogs to do this.


I definitely agree. If you spray your dog it can lead the bond into not loving you anymore. It strands the relationship. I just let my dog beg. Sometimes I give her food while eating. It's normal for a dog to beg and stare at you if the owner is eating. Every dog is never perfect. They want to just like us because sometimes they are sick of their dog food. Emotion: smile

your full of negative energy, and contradiction. QUOTE you need to think of the natural behaviors within a dog pack, and it’s called (animal instinct ) and it’s what dogs know and understand:)

and then it’s blah blah then after you blast them with water in the face YOU SAY,


AND then say when you humanize you dog, your dog will think that your his subordinate? WHAT!

and then you post again that YOUR STILL SPRAYING YOUR DOG IN THE FACE ,

So,, with that said,. How’s it working for ya. Still spraying your dogs I believe,,

because it’s animal instinct, their always gonna have an eye on you when you eat.

Don’t like it? Put the dog in another room or crate to wait till your done,. Or put yourself in another room or crate. Or better yet SPRAY YOURSELF IN THE FACE!

Case closed.

I think that this is a very good idea. Like it, it works for me. Mrs. Carter

I stare at my dog and say Boo then she turns her head

This is so cruel I would never ever spray my dog in the face how can you even suggest such a cruel punishment that's what it is punishment
But my dog eats drinks water and still sit in my face staring
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