Hi, When i eat my dog will always stare at me and follows every piece of food with his eyes.how should i understand it? Everyone who i've asked have very different opinions.
I personally think it's like an emotional taunt for to the dog.please let me know what you think.
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What you just explained is training. Dogs and other animals learn through learned behaviors. So teaching commands is training your dog ..

My dog watches me eat all the time,because he knows he'll get the last bite.If my dog would not get the last bite I would put him in his cage so he couldn't see me eat,because watching me eat and not getting anything is CRUEL !

Your dog is doing that because his hungry! It's common sense. My dog is 11 years old and has never begged for food or stared at me eating because he gets enough to eat at his meal times. You're basically starving your dog and then eating in front of him which is so cruel. All of you who don't believe me, try it. Let your dog his food until he has had enough and walks away from it, not the amount you think he should have. Do it for a week and he will not be staring and begging anymore
How about give your dog some nice food too. Instead of eating it in front of them and sending them to their place like scum. Aren't they part of the family? If not don't get a dog

Our dog eats with us at the table.

I personally don’t think a dog should be in the kitchen or anywhere near you when you eat. Put the dog in a different room. You are the master!

You shouldn’t alter your living just to suit your dogs at all. Who is in control here, you or the dog? If it bothers you and you can’t find a way to get your dog to lie down and relax while you eat, put him in another room until you finish eating. If he whines, let him whine, he’ll get over it. You should be able to relax and enjoy your food as he enjoys his. Don’t let your dog run your life. If you do, he will.

Well, if your conscience bothers you when your dog watches you eat, you have fallen right into his trap. It’s a tactic they use if they think doing it will get them what they want. When you are eating, think of yourself first, because I’m sure your dog gets plenty to eat, right? Be sure you are able to relax and enjoy your food the way your dog is able to enjoy his. You don’t beg when he eats, do you? Do you think he would give you any of his or feel guilty if you did? I doubt it, so don’t let your dog get to you with the begging eyes.

Actually that’s not accurate, nor true. In no way, shape or form is that actually how real life events play out with a dog, where did you get this absurd idea from? If you say you’ve tested it with your own dog, and it actually worked, then you’re either being dishonest, or your dog is actually a unicorn in disguise.

My Husband and I frequently disagree on the manner of which we should be handling this specific issue with our dog Gracie, because he thinks he should be allowed to give her whatever he wants to give her off of the table, and then she should repay that kindness by not begging. This is a prime example of someone humanizing their dog, and it is NOT appropriate. DOGS ARE NOT HUMANS, THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THINGS THE WAY THAT WE DO.

Therefore, ignoring them won’t do a damn thing but make them stare even HARDER at you/your food to make sure you get the message that they want what you have. My dog Gracie, is a prime example of this, yet again. My Husband suggested I just ignore her and mind my own business while eating and that eventually she’ll stop. This is 100% inaccurate. Gracie is oblivious to the fact that I am using a different tactic to get her to stop staring at me and my food, because she doesn’t understand the HUMAN concept of being ignored.

Also I’d like to add as well, that waiting until you’re done eating to, then, proceed to give your dog your scraps is also completely ineffective and redundant in the end, because then the dog is trained to think that they’ll still receive something in the end, and as you said yourself, they know they’ll be rewarded if they wait, so in the end it defeats the purpose of the training.

What if you’re really hungry one day, and decide to eat ALL of your food, and you don’t leave a single bite left on the plate? Are you going to, then, make your dog their own plate to give to them once you’re finished so that they still receive their “reward” for not staring/begging you while you’re eating? If you don’t give them their “reward” in the end, they’ll start wondering why they didn’t get it this time, and start the begging behavior all over again the next time you eat, all because they, now, will not know if this will be one of the times that they don’t get rewarded for their good behavior, so instead they’ll savor every single bite you take so that they at least receive the satisfaction of watching you eat it cus that’s better than nothing in the end, in a dogs mind that is.

Again, this is to PREVENT this behavior. NOT to reward it, or make them think they’ll get some in the end for behaving the way you expect. The goal in the end is to have them behave a certain way, period, not to behave a certain way until they get something in return for doing so.

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