Hi, When i eat my dog will always stare at me and follows every piece of food with his eyes.how should i understand it? Everyone who i've asked have very different opinions.
I personally think it's like an emotional taunt for to the dog.please let me know what you think.
Your dog is demonstrating his subordination to you and begging for food, just hoping that you'll leave him some of what you're eating. It's the same behaviour that you'll see when watching a pack of dogs. The subordinate animals will sit and patiently watch the pack leader eat and hope that he leaves some scraps that they can have.
What I do with my dogs is this:
Keep a spray bottle of water, set to "stream," with you at the table. As soon as the dog begins to stare at you, spray him directly in the face while sternly saying, "No beg!" Be consistent, and your dog will very quickly get the message that it's impolite to stare and beg.
I agree with JB. It's not a taunt but the natural way of behaviour in the animal world (hierarchy), and actually this behaviour should not be encouraged. If the dog gets what it wants like that, he will know how to manipulate you and he'll become the pack leader. This may result in more types of unwanted behaviour in the future.
I have found if you stare back at your pooch without breaking eye contact they will usually either turn their stare away or even walk away completely. If I have something I intend to share with my dog when I am done I actually tell her I am saving her something and to wait.
This usually prompts her to lay down at my feet and wait patiently without staring. Never feed your dog while you are eating. Make the dog wait until you are through eating.... otherwise this will send the message to them that they are head of the wolf pack and lead to some real problems. My little dog is the sweetest little girl. She is worth the time invested to train her. I hope this helps. Good luck. Emotion: smile
For any who think that punishing your dog by squirting it with a bit of water is cruel, you need to think of the NATURAL behaviours within a dog pack. It's called "animal instinct," and it's what dogs know and understand. The pack leader will attack and bite its subordinate members to keep them in line, sometimes even killing them. I hardly think that water it the face is in any way comparable! It's the most humane way to "punish" your pet. No one gets hurt, and they learn proper, more human manners.

One thing you MUST ALWAYS remember is that if you humanize your dog, your dog will think of you as its subordinate, SO STOP IT! You can either become the pack leader by attacking and biting your dog, or you can use a humane and completely harmless form of punishment to teach it what you want and expect. A bit of water to the face and a stern command of "NO BEG!" is all that is needed, but trying to talk your dog into behaving does not work because they don't understand English, and all that they DO understand is animal instinct, so you must think like an animal rather than a human when it comes to training your dog.

Telling members that HUMANE punishment is cruel and unnecessary is counter-productive to their dog's training, and will only result in a dog that thinks it's the master of the house instead of your subordinate.

This is no way to train a dog. All she has to do to keep her dog from begging is to never pay any attention to him and never give him any food from the table. He will learn that from begging comes no reward and will eventually stop.

When the dog sits RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU and acts as if you SHOULD give them some is the problem. As if it's expected. If you allow that to consistently take place you are NOT the alpha. Or at least not asserting yourself as so. Spray.
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If I pass by an expensive restaurant where rich people can eat a lot of delicious food, should I consider it a taunt? xD Send the dog to his place and you'll not have those begging eyes staring at you.

I fully agree with everything written above. You should stop humanizing the dog, anon.

I have this problem with my dog also. I'm holding myself back from doing this because he already hates water. Would it make it more difficult to give him a bath? Or no?
IsaacWould it make it more difficult to give him a bath?
No, it should have no effect on his bath because I don't think animals even realise that it's water. All they know is that they have been hit in the face by "something," and they don't like it.
I will give it a try then! Hopefully it works he does it too when he knows that food is being prepared lol
It will work, but only if you're consistent. You have to do it every time your dog begins to stare. All I have to do now (most of the time) is pick up the bottle, and all the animals scatter! Emotion: giggle
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