I got a dog from a pound when he was 9 months, he is going on a year now and still won't let me beush him. It isn't the mild, he is kind of scared but still allows me to do it, kind of fear. He will not let me go near him with the brush. I will lay it on the floor and he won't have a problem, but the moment I pick it up and go near him he freaks out. He tries to bite at the brush and won't let me touch him. I think a previous owner might have hit him with one. How can I brush him, because he is shedding everywhere?

We're going through something similar. We adopted Tia three years ago and she's still terrified of nail clippers. I would just try to get him to associate the brush with something good like food. Put him on a leash and feed him while touching him with the brush. That's how I tame cats, to get to eat they have to be touched at least a little. Or maybe save that for later. Perhaps try getting a different kind of brush. Something that looks different, feels different. There's this brush, I can't think of it right now, but it's purple and rubbery it's like a massage and gets the fur out. If all else fails see if you can get him set up at the vet's or groomer's as they know how to handle a freaked out dog. I hope everything works out.