My dog ibis who's a belgian sheepdog is a super friendly and he wants to play with every single dog he meets. Is it because he's still young - 1 year old? With this behavior change as he grows up? I don't mind him playing with other dogs esp my friend's terrier but they just don't see to cope they don't have as much energy. What can you advise please? Should I discourage him or what? I walk with him every day and sometimes we even go jogging so I hoped that will be enough physical stimulation but it doesn't look so. Thanks in advance!

He's still a puppy so that's normal. Have you tried active games during your walks? You just need something to drain his energy better, and since you mentioned jogging it had better happen on a regular basis, not just once in two weeks (or how often do you do that together?) otherwise there won't be much effect. Go jogging, play fetch, increase the time of your walks if possible, and that should do.

Don't you find it strange that some people complain about their dog being aggressive and the others complain about their dog being too friendly? It seems people will always be worried about something whatever it is. Emotion: big smile Sorry I know it's off topic but I couldn't help writing this.
On topic, I agree with Raphael. If the problem is too much energy, the solution is to burn this energy off.