Hi there!
Every day, we hear about and read horror stories about dogs doing this or doing that. Most people seem to disregard the fact that training starts with the owner, and not the animal. That's because most people misunderstand the animal.
Well, I don't want to enter into a debate about what's right and not, I'm sure that's been ran over repeatedly already.
Everybody and their dog (pun intended) have their own way of "training" their pet. Some do it with the use of a 2x4, some do it with treats, some do it with .. whatever... the point is, in MOST cases (that would be, excluding my first example above), there is most likely something good about the training method, as most training methods have succes stories.
Here is a link to the webpage of the guy that's been helping me work with my dog. Never know, this might help someone some day. Emotion: smile


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