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Parody is horrifying? I think you've just been, shall we say, "punked."

Fair enough. I figured that out when I read the application for membership form. I was taking a break during ... to the bits you quoted yet. But there is a serious Flat Earth Society out there and that is horrifying.

Actually, Katrina, I think they've changed their name to "The Democratic Party."

Handsome Jack Morrison
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Coming soon to a neighborhood near you:
I was just reading on the web that dogs don't ... Are we actually doing our dogs more harm than good?

I have read the articles saying that after the 2nd year some vets are not doing distemper/parvo but every 3 ... longer. They still recommend rabies every year and plus its required by law. My vet still does distemper/parvo every year.

So does mine, but not on my dogs.
Mustang Sally
Is the message getting through yet?

Your message got through, yes.
Mustang Sally
"Redman" (Email Removed) said in
Don't talk shite. So Wolves are not wild dogs?

Correct. Wolves are not wild dogs.
They require an annual vaccination to live to a healthy old age?

You need to define what a wolf's healthy old age is. Four, five, eight years? I don't know. Certainly not the 12 to 20 years that domestic dogs live.
Get a grip, ffs.


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