hello i've been wondering what's better for the dog (provided that the owner is home all day long and walking schedule can be extra felxible) - to have short frequent walks, for example 15 mins 4 times a day, or longer walks that aren't so often, eg one walk that lasts about 1 hour. thanks.
There are several variables to consider.

What breed is the dog?
How often does the dog need to toilet?
Do you have a fenced yard for him/her to run in?
Does the dog prefer a walk, or to chase a ball?

What is the dog's energy level ... high, medium or low?

Smaller dogs need to toilet more often than larger dogs, so a tie-out or fenced yard can help with that.

Different breeds of dogs have differing levels of energy. eg: a low-energy Bassett Hound prefers to lie still for as long as possible, moving only when absolutely necessary. However a high-energy Jack Russell would prefer to be running constantly, and chasing a ball.

Every dog has different needs, so the best answer is simply to let your pet tell you what it needs.
thanks! i'm talking about a vizsla. is it a low or high energy breed? i've tried both the variants and she seems fine with either. does it mean that I simply have to stop thinking about the perfect schedule? yes I have a backyard and she enjoys it, but i'm sure every dog has to have daily walks anyway.
I know nothing about Vizsla, or what their energy level is. If your yard is too small to have a really good run, then yes, she will need walks as well ... besides walks are a good way to build a bond with your dog and to practice commands and listening skills.

Yes, it means you have to stop worrying about a "perfect" schedule because your dog knows better than you what is needed and when. Only she knows when it's pee-time. Just be flexible and have fun with your baby. [Ye]
thank you! i'll try to pay more attention to her needs rather than to try to restrict the walks to a schedule. in fact i was thinking about a schedule for discipline's sake. maybe i'm overdoing this. thanks anyway!
You're very welcome. The problem with trying to adhere too tightly to a specified schedule is: what's going to happen on that one day when you can't take her for her walk for unforeseen reasons? Maybe the weather is extreme, and not good for walking, or something has happened and a family member needs your help. Because her bladder has been trained to release at that given time, you could have a mess to clean up.

Discipline is a great thing, but there are better ways to go about achieving that. When she wants to go for a walk, or simply to the back yard, sometimes make her sit and stay for a few minutes first. Then, after her walk or run in the back yard, reward her for good behaviour. Doing this will train her to know that she doesn't immediately get what she wants, and will also train her bladder to hold the urine until she can get to safe place to release.