Hi, I'm at such a loss that I literally don't know what to do. My French Bulldog has had an allergy for about 6 years. We've visited a lot of vets and clinics, have tried different ointments, pills and injections but nothing helps. The worst thing is that no one can tell what causes the allergy. He scratches himself very hard up to to eczema! Emotion: sad He also got very smelly and nothing can help get rid of this smell all over the house. He won't let us sleep at night (scratching). We give him hypoallergenic food but it's all the same. My mom says we should put him down because it's a torture for him and us but I love him so dearly and cannot do this. Maybe anyone encountered a similar problem? Please help then, I'm so desperate!
The only thing that I didn't hear you mention trying is a natural or holistic diet. You may want to try that because all regular retail foods (including hypo-allergenic) have additives in them that can cause allergies or other health problems.
I've never seen holistic food but I'll try to look for it. Is it sold in pet stores? What if he refuses it and natural food? He's a very picky eater. Emotion: sad
No ... holistic food is not sold in most retail pet food outlets. I don't know where you live so the best advice I can give is to Google the term "holistic dog food" to get different brand names, and then search for outlets near you. He is probably very picky because of all the chemical and other additives in retail brands of pet food. Switching him over to holistic or natural food will most likely eliminate the pickiness ... it did will all of my cats and dogs.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out. [Ye]
Thanks very much for your help!
You're very welcome. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.