My german shepherd has had diareha for 9 mos now. Have put him on a grain free diet and that does not seem to help. Vet has had him on various meds and nothing seems to help. He has weight loss from time to time and can only manage to pick back up a couple of pounds. I love him to pieces but he is breaking me up. Can anyone help us, please?
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Thank you for your support
eviejane2No blood or mucus in his stool. Just runny at times. But of late, once in a while it seems to be firming up a bit. But on the up side, he doesn't seem to be "going" as often. So I guess that is a plus
These are good signs!

Like Raph said a raw food diet consists of raw meats you usually buy in a store for yourself rather than in a pet store. Apparently if the vet said Diesel is allergic to beef you shouldn't be giving him raw beef. Does the grain free food you give him contain beef?
If you ever decide to switch him to raw food you could try chicken and other meats. Varying will be important so that he doesn't develop an allergy to chicken.
THNX! I cooke him a chicken breast every once in a while, and some turkey, too. But no beef. I even limit myself to beef cause I can't stand the longing look in his little eyes. HA HA. I am wondering if we just have to live with this and take the good with the bad. His food it Nutro, potato and lamb.. No grain or beef in it. And I am here to tell you it is hard to find no grain treats. So the search is on, but for now I have to fake him out by giving him some dog food out of a baggie as a treat. he seems content with that, so I slip him some when I eat, makes us both feel better. HA HA. Am wondering if I should switch off to another flavor of the Nutro for a while.
Yes, I think switching flavors sometimes is a good idea so that he doesn't get fed up with the same thing. Emotion: smile It can happen even to us humans if we eat the same dish for months!
Sorry for your struggle. I feel you in regards to this struggle too!!! My dog has been on instinct, first mate, authority grain free food. I must say, I've struggled over and over with my dog going from diarrhea mode to solid mode. Solid when off of these food/treats. He is a pomchi and has been a picky eater. Today, for the FIRST time I got him grain food--as much as people do not like purina, I got him this to just try because he will NOT eat grain free anything... and the other night on our walk he engulfed a whole piece of bread like its the best thing ever, which he mysteriously found on the ground....Emotion: surprise... The results of giving him this food... He wanted more but couldn't put enough in his tummy. I am sticking to grain... Our body tells us when we need certain nutrients... and to deprive it of its craving.... might lead to illness from our ignorance. I believe grain free is good for those who cannot tolerate grain. Hindsight, if you think about it, dogs pick "poop" up from the ground and eat anything edible that they see... even tissue... makes you think... maybe its OK to feed grain.... and it might just be merely human fear... kind of like people who will pay more for organic food when organic should how food is "naturally"... I don't know, but for the happiness and contentment of my dogs belly. I'll stick to grain... Hope you find a solution~
May be it's hyperacidity problem