I did get a bit worried watching this, however, reading the comments shows that the dog does this quite often Emotion: big smile
oh... I all of a sudden realized I understood what they were saying. They speak Danish Emotion: smile

What a crazy dog Emotion: stick out tongue i guess his back was itching again.....or who knows
What were they saying, Syl?
I was sure that when a dog behaves like this it needs training. Isn't it the case here?
Hi Janis! This is more or less what they say between all the laughing.

- Hahahah ... I can’t stop laughing... oh how funny, oooh.. Oh no... hahaha now it’s doing it again! Hahaha
- if it was me I would not even walk my dog. Hiihihi.......
- My cam is shaking, I can’t even keep it still.. haha..
- God I’d be tired of that dog..
- Yeah everyone who sees it is laughing out loud....haha. oh Jacob i need air, stop ... oooh. Ahh now it walks by itself, so it was’nt dead...
Thanks for translating! Emotion: giggle
LOL thanks Syl!