Hello, we have a miniature Pinscher and will soon have a baby. How do small dogs react to newborns usually? How should we protect our baby? What are the chances he'll catch an undetected illness from the dog (worms for example, we worm Sam twice a year but as I understand there's never guarantee he's got no worms between worming treatments)?
Smaller dogs need to be watched especially when having a baby. Do research and find out what you should look for.

As for protection, make sure you give her a comfortable box to be in when she has the baby, with blankets. She'll do the rest of the job and keep her pup safe!

The chances for illness are very slim. You would be able to tell if she had worms, and regular worming should have kept them away. The mother's milk will protect the pup from a lot of illness at least at first. If the pup does catch a cold or something, take him to the vet.

Try not to interfere with the mother and her pup. She knows what needs to be done!
Oh I am sorry I must have confused you. English is not my native language. It's not the dog who is pregnant. It's me who is pregnant. Emotion: smile Thanks for your reply anyway!!