First of all I want to mention that I do NOT mean that all dogs hate men and like women. To claim so would be absurd. But it is so often that I see stray dogs barking at men. And not only stray dogs. For examle, a few days back I was passing by two Chihuahuas (I'm a woman) and they just sniffed my feet and remained silent. A few minutes later I heard barking behind, I looked back and saw a man passing by the same dogs and they were barking at him. It's even more so with stray dogs - they bark at men far more often than at women. Why so? Opinions appreciated.
Hi Miriam,

Unfortunately for dogs ... especially stray dogs ... men are "typically" more likely to hit, kick or otherwise be abusive toward them, and women are more "typically" likely to coddle and love them. Whenever I see a dog that responds negatively to either gender, I have to wonder what was done to it in the past to make it behave in such a manner.

Another, more benign, possibility is that the dogs have never been around men and simply don't know what they are. This can happen when a dog is raised in a home by a single woman who doesn't have any men coming around. Many dogs can fear the unknown.

A couple examples for you:
When I was a little kid we had a Boxer. She hated all men because the previous male owner used to beat her. She eventually came around to tolerating my dad, but could never like or love him.

A German Shepherd that we had hated kids because where he lived before the neighbourhood kids would tease him through the fence. He also eventually came around to tolerating us kids, but never liked or loved us.

So, you see, there are many reasons for a dog to behave in a way that we see as strange or abnormal, but without knowing the dog and its history, we can never know for sure.

I've also noticed that dogs tend to bark at drunk people. Probably the reasons are the same as JustaBrat pointed out.

I believe what Lynn wrote is absolutely true. I'd just want to add that - perhaps - men emanate a stronger energy field because they're leaders by nature, hence the dog's reaction. Of course it varies from man to man (and women can be very spirited too, obviously), but just my two cents. Emotion: smile
I have a German shephard he its three years old know but when he was a puppy i got him stotten from my garden. He was away threen nights and when i got him back he was limping and when i took him to the vet he had broke his leg and when i asked the vet how could he have done it she anserd he could have be kicked he was 3 months whith out going outand now he dose not like men he will bark and show his theeth