I have a Poodle named James, a charming creature that brightens up my days. I think I've spoiled him but I can't do anything about it because he is such a sweetie! A few days ago my friend was visiting me and saw James sleeping on my bed. He asked why I allow that because dogs must never ever be allowed on the bed... I disagreed saying that he too wants to feel comfortable and warm, and my friend said I don't understand anything about dogs. Emotion: sad I can't get this incident out of my head. Do you allow your dog on the bed? If yes or no, why?
I have always allowed my smaller dogs to sleep on my bed, and it has never harmed a dog nor a human, so I see no problem with it at all. I always just checked their feet first to make sure they weren't muddy.

Tell your friend, in a nice way, that it's none of his business whether or not you let your dog sleep on your bed. James harms no one by taking a nap.
dogs are a lot outside (at least they should) and love dirt. The owner should allow the dog to get dirty because it is natural and important. Therefore it is not very hygienic to let it sleep on the bed. You could clean your dog after every walk but you should rather invest the time in going for longer walks. Dogs feel very comfortable on their own beds. Furthermore letting them sleep next to you could lead to educational difficulties as the dog has to be shown that you are the pack leader.
As long as James jumps onto the bed after you've invited him to, and as long as he leaves the bed when you command him to, I don't see a big problem here. If he starts doing it whenever he likes and ignores your commands, or even becomes protective, that's a behavior problem that needs to be corrected.
Yes we do! We consider them a part of our family AND we are a part of their pack. Plus they provide some nice heat! Lol!
Yes i do like my baby

My Lillygirl sleeps on the bed next to me every night. When I do errands, go in the kitchen,etc. she is always on the bed. If I'm in the living room she will go out there and lay next to me on the couch, or if she wants she will go back to the bed. If someone knocks on the door she will jump off the bed and go to the door, greet the person, sometimes goes outside and jumps back on the bed. I love her to sleep next to me and I see nothing wrong with it.