Can anyone help with Quincy's obsession about other dogs. Whenever he sees one and if he's off his leash he'll run away towards it. He only wants to play but the problem is that nothing can stop him and I have to run after him to get him back. He won't respond when I call him although he knows his name and responds to it well when called in other situations, but not when he sees another dog.

Any ideas?

Try this exercise.

Walk with him on a leash. When there are no dogs at sight and he's busy sniffing around, stop walking and wait for a moment he looks at you. Call him to come to you. It's a good idea to use a word different from the one he's learn to ignore. As soon as he comes to you, give him a treat and reward him, then continue your walk. Do this very often, let's say every five minutes. This will teach him several things: that coming to you means tasty treats and rewards, that a walk doesn't continue until he comes to you, and that a walk continues after he comes to you.

After he's succeeded at this, find another dog owner who'll agree to help you. While walking with your dog, meet them "by accident", and call Quincy when he's looking at them. He may not respond at once but be patient. Once he comes to you, give him a treat, reward, and allow to play with the other dog for a bit. After some time, call him again and give him a treat once more. This needs to be repeated many times so Quincy understands that he HAS to obey your commands if he wants to play with other dogs. Gradually, reduce the amount of treats in favor of verbal rewards and petting. This needs to be done so that he doesn't stop responding to your call as soon as he learns you no longer give him treats. You always have to offer something positive to him, be it a treat, a verbal reward, or stroking his head.

Whenever you're unsure about his behavior, don't let him off a leash.
Good luck!

What great advice - I'd never guess about it myself! Many thanks for your help. I know a route where we can barely meet other dogs and I'll start this exercise right today. I hope it works.