Hi.Looking for answers I ended up here.Here is the problem:My tenants have big old fat German Sheperd .Literally-BIG FAT OLD and the dog doesn't get to go outside.Never.He goes on the floor and they flush it down the toilet.The smell is spread around the house evenly because of forced air heating ....I am ready to move out my own house....What can I do?Do I have the right to require them to walk their dog?The dog runs around the house making noise,barks...They live upstairs in 2 bedroom apartment with no access to the backyard.The dog takes one bedroom right above mine so I hear when it scratches its back.I am so sick and tired of the situation.What the heck people think getting a dog of the size in 2 bdrm apt in the city?There is no dog run or park nearby but it is not an excuse isn't it?Please help.
You can alert the police and they'll contact the owners. That qualifies as abuse.
Absolutely! Poor dog, I hope the police will do something about the situation, good luck!
Contact ISPCA immediately that's cruelty them people should be locked up not the dog Teresa