i have 2 schnauzers.i aint sure im doing it right or what.so after a good walk with exercise i sit on a couch,theyll come to my feet and fall asleep almost instantly.if i get up they follow me like zombies till im still again.any thoughts?this is after 2 hours of walk.
2 hours of walk?! that's something even a big dog with a lot of strength and energy can't handle you are pushing them to far, if they are miniature or small even worse... Start by walking them twice-three times a day 20-30 minutes at a time so it makes 1 hour of walk a day total however you want to divide that . How old are they btw?
one is 3 and the other is 5 yo.theyre standard schnauzers.but ive read so much about importance of exercise so i wanted them to have enough.they dont seem too tired until we return home.i aint sure 1 hour walk total will be ok,theyre so playful!but i appreciate you rply,maybe i should try that.
A dog should not be tired to death after walking exercise isn't only about walking them for hours but playing and doing activity's together as well. 2 hours are way to much especially two hours straight. I suggest you start with 1 hour a day total and if that isn't enough (although it should be) you can add 10-20 minutes to the walk until it's just enough to get them calm, draining energy doesn't mean they should come home and sleep it means they should feel calm. They seem ok during the walks because that's what dogs do, they walk and travel to far distances that doesn't mean it's good for them to walk so much that they become exhausted. It also depends on the breed, schnauzers are pretty high energy dogs but that's especially when they are younger that's why I asked how old they were, their energy becomes lower with age as well. It is also an individual thing even though the breed standard is one thing that doesn't always apply to all dogs, so just lower it a bit and see how they do and you can increase it little by little if you see the need Emotion: smile