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I don't think your own dogs or the limited space ... no one backs anything up once they leave your house.

Aye, but there's my conundrum. I believe in such magic - though it's not going to be at the expense ... dog isn't always destructive.", or "Hey, this dog gives me 5! Wait'll I show my friends." I can do that.[/nq]A woman I have talked to often in the past because our daughters have dance classes at the same time showed up to class last week with a little bulldog type dog. I'm not sure of the exact breed. The dog had a prong collar on that was the huge thick links and was hanging fairly loose on the dog. It was one like I use on Molly that has the martingale type chain arrangement to give you some slack but she had way too much. At various points, the dog lunged and then basically hung up on the collar and yelped and returned to where he belonged.

I finally couldn't take it any more and asked her if someone had fitted the collar for her because it appeared to be too loose, allowing the dog to lunge before any correction occurred so he was badly hurt with the momentum by the time he was corrected by the prongs. She said he had been to "doggie boot camp" and they had fitted the collar, though she had added links because it seemed to tight and she was afraid it would hurt him. I showed her where it should hit and why it hurt him more to have it too loose than to have it fitted snugly.

And she is a caring dog owner. When it comes to totally neglected dogs, I see more of the type where whatever they learn at a training place, it makes no difference once they get home because there is no follow up and it returns to business as usual. It's like going off to bootcamp and behaving for them but then realizing you are back at slack off city when you get home.
That's great that you see more people get benefit out of little helps with their dogs. I think the main place I see that is with housetraining. Dogs that pee on the carpet are thrown outside or to the shelter. Teach them not to and suddenly they can be a part of the family.

"Anyway, other people are weird, but sometimes they have candy, so it's best to try to get along with them." Joe Bay