I'm totally in love with a stray cat that often shows up near our house. I feed her and try to take care of her as much as I can. But I'm in doubt. Street living is known to be dangerous and outdoor/stray cats don't live as long as indoor pets. I want to take her indoors. However, I wonder if a stray cat can be domesticated and become a regular house cat that doesn't ruin the house. Besides, do you think it's cruel to restrict once a feral cat that has been used to do everything on its own and to go wherever she wants? Should I just let her be outdoors and hope for the best? I don't know her age but it must be around 3 years.
I've had many feral/abandoned cats in my neighborhood over the year. It turns out that about half of them were tame enough that I could get close and develop a relationship with them. Some I've found forever homes for, others have graced us with kittens before I could trap them to have them fixed. All four of the cats that share our home now were born in the bushes to feral moms.

The oldest two, the mom brought to us, one by one (there were three but one has since passed on) when they were only days old. We had her fixed and found her a forever home on a farm and kept the kids. Our younger two cats were also born in the woods to a friendly feral who was too wild to catch. We trapped the babies after she stopped showing up for food. Pretty sure she met an untimely death in the woods by dogs, she never came back. We trapped the kids at about four months old- one is a sweetheart and even after four months, we can't pick up the other. They all live in the house and are not allowed outside. Sassy might be wild at heart but she loves living in the house. I still have hopes for her. She's been fixed and loves all her brothers.

So having said all that- my answer is yes! Feral, outdoor cats can be happy inside.
Thanks for your post! I hope it will work for me too.