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My experience is that some dogs seem better protected by ... of differences in the skin characteristics and amount of oil.

Amy, does this account for susceptibility to fleas and ticks, too?

I wouldn't think so. The relevance to Frontline in particular is that Frontline is spread through the oil on the skin, so the amount and properties of the oil probably play a role. My vet tells me that it tends not to work well on dogs with thyroid insufficiency, who have dry skin.
Amy Dahl
Who you accusin' of bad hygiene? Emotion: smile
You better use garlic dressing.

on me or in me?

Well, I was thinking 'on it'.
That would be 'foul wench under garlic dressing...' Mmm... yummy...
And just how does one go about that? ;-)
I have been hounding DH to get us some chickens and make a chicken coup> And just how does one go about that? ;-) DebbieAw, Debbie, you know that. It's when you organize chickens to take over the world.

sorry, Gwen. We couldn't resist. Emotion: smile