I have a female Bengal kitten. Her nose is so dry and chapped! We've been at a vet and blood test are all fine. She's a super healthy kitten excpet this nose problem. The vet hasn't yet come up with a diagnosis. Could this be a vitamin deficiency? Anyone had something similar?
That's known to be a common condition in young Bengals. It should be gone in a couple of months.
That's news! Emotion: surprise Are you sure it's all right? To me it just doesn't sound okay because why would a nose be so dry unless there's something wrong? But fine, let's assume it will be gone in a while. Can anything be done to help her now? I don't think she enjoys this.
I have no experienced with bangles but these may help -

http://bengals.of-wfs.com/category/about-bengals/about-bengal-breed /
Might want to let your vet read them as well, A lot of breeds are maybe newer or rare and some vets don't have experience with them because they don't get to treat them as often or don't encounter these problems so it's best to come with an idea of what it could be and inform him so he can do whatever is needed and thinks can help.