Hello, looking for some solutions. I have 2 dumeril boas a male and female, my male is 4.5 ft and my female is 4, when I first got them as baby's they ate fantastically. Never shy, always ate everything offered and never showed aggression to me,and let me watch without any problems. but recently they have stopped eating. For the first time ever ( about 3 years ) , it's been a few months and nothing, their temps are where they should be, they have about 5" of soil and shavings to burrow in, and are fed in a warm tub seperetly, along with large hides and plants for a close to realistic environment, water changed daily and everything. They have eaten during breeding seasons before so I don't think that's it, they shed on a normal basis and are always active, day and night ( shocking for Dums.. I know ) I am starting to worry because of the drastic change in accepting food. If anyone has some input I would love to hear it. Please email me directly though please, I don't use these sites often but am doing so in desperation. My email is Email Removed and I will get your answer faster that way . I hope I provided sufficent information, if you require more just ask and I'll let you know what you like. Thank you for your time .
Change their food. If you are using frozen food try live foods or different species and sizes of food. They could also be stressed so try to keep that to a minimal
I recommend changing food or looking at a heat lamp because snakes can start to hurt themselves by eating themselves when they get disoriented or have bad eyesight so be careful what you feed them.
That's pretty common, nothing to be worried about most snakes especially boas go threw a stage were they won't eat for a few months, however if your truly concerned you can always take it to an exotic vet to have a second opinion.