Presently, I use Fresh Step clumping litter. It's overall fine but I'm not very happy about the room being covered in litter dust. In addition, that's not great for my cats to breathe it in and lick it off themselves. I'd like to hear your opinions about other brands that you've tried.
That's a tough one. I'm in the process of writing a page on cat litter for my site while trying different ones out. It's tough, it really is. I agree though that the dust is not only bad for them, but bad for you and everyone in your house. The brand that everyone I know seems to like is Dr. Elsysies, there's one for respiratory issues, you might try that one.
Hi rakona,

I wish I could help you with the litter brand but our cat is toilet trained, so we've never really used any.
If there's so much concern, have you considered toilet-training your cats, too? I don't know how difficult it is to do with adult cats (we trained ours when he was a kitten) but perhaps that could be an option. That'd also save you some money. Emotion: wink

How about silica gel cat litter? I've seen it in pet stores and it shouldn't be dusty as far as I understand. But I haven't tried it.
Thanks for your help. There aren't many options it seems. Emotion: tongue tied I really haven't thought of toilet training, hmmm... need to read more about it. Thanks again friends!
There are certain concerns about silica get cat litter. You can read about them here and here .
Thanks for these links Ruslana, I'm working on a long blog about cat litter.
Whow! I better be on the safe side and never use silica gel!
By the way... anyone tried trays with a double bottom like this? http://www.getprice.com.au/Oz-Pet-Litter-Tray-2-pieces-Gpnc_423--39554389.htm Do these need cat litter or can be used as is if cleaned in time?