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ONE COW is going to be in all of these cat foods?? I would like somebody to tell me how ... the rendering plant that processed this ONE COW. Until then, everybody should just sit tight and not worry. Good grief!

I agree that we shouldn't panic. But I am upset that downer cows may still be used for pet food. No, one bad cow would not be in all the different cat foods, but what if it is one of the cans I buy for my cats? And it doesn't have to be mad cow. There are many diseases that can make a cow a downer cow. Why put them in anybody's food?

This reminds me of the huge ecoli scare, which happened right here in the Seattle area. Afterward, they showed all these inspections to make us feel better. But part of the inspection was to run your hand down the side of beef to feel for problems. The inspectors went from one to the next without washing or using any disinfectant. Ecoli cannot be seen with the naked eye. If one of those was contaminated, then the rest were now contaminated as well. How stupid. I work in a grocery store, and it is strickly against the rules to go from one product to the next without changing gloves.
A lot of us learned from that experience. Children died. I had a bad experience myself last year. I was really hungry and bought two burgers at a drive-thru. I didn't wait and ate the first one in the car. It was dark, and I didn't notice anything. I started on the second one in the hotel room. Took one bite and saw how red the meat was. I spit it out, but the odds are that the first burger was the cooked at the same time and just as red. I was sick the next night. not horribly, but enough that I haven't been able to buy a burger at that restaurant chain again. It wasn't even a local restaurant, but I get sick at the thought of that burger.
I will still eat beef, and I don't see a reason to panic. But I do not see statistics the same way that everybody does. Statistics are for populations, not individuals. If the chances are only 1% of getting sick, then 1 in a hundred will be sick. That is great for the 99 and bad for the 1. While we all believe we will never be that 1, I see no reason to play roulette.
We have to change the system so that the chance is 0%. Test all* cows. Make a live test so that cows can be routinely checked. Also, herds would not have to be destroyed when a farm is suspected. And do not use downer cows for *anything. Don't just ban it from human consumption. Ban it from everything. Make sure that none of that cow can ever contaminate anything else. The only thing taken from the cow should be a sample for the test. The rest should be destroyed. Mad cow is not the only thing that can be passed along. Why risk any contamination?
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And Cheryl you are looking waay too hard for something ... chicken little here with no data to support your position.

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