Guys is it necessary to clean a cat's ears regularly? Or no need? How do you do that safely? I know some people wrap a damp tissue around their finger and clean the cat's ears out that way. What about cotton swabs? Are those OK if applied with care?
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No I wouldn't do cotton swabs, you risk puncturing an eardrum and for cats hearing is even more imperative. There are cleaners you can use that are safe. I have one in particular I recommend: http://www.ibdkitties.net/Groomingoral.html , it's the Animal Apawthecary ear cleaner on that page. I research every single thing I put on my site and won't ever put anything I feel is unsafe, full of chemicals or toxic. Usually you just dab a little in the ears and I think rub the ear flaps together a little bit, maybe dab a cotton ball in there slightly if you've put too much. Other than that, it loosens the wax and dirt and they'll shake it out when they shake their heads.
We've always been using cotton swabs VERY carefully to clean Barsik's ears. My mom usually did that procedure. Now I realize it was not the safest way, but I guess everything should be fine as long as you're 10000% careful. (However, knowing that cats are unpredictable and can try to escape any minute, there is always some risk...)
The safest way to clean a cat's ears is to have two cats and let them wash each others ears.
Haha JustaBrat do you really mean that! Sounds cool but is it going to be efficient? Emotion: thinking Thanks for all your replies people. I see cotton swabs can be tricky but they are not a taboo. But I still don't understand how often the ears need to be cleaned normally. I'm sorry if I'm annoying...
alfinnlay I didn't think cleaners can be as efficient as mechanical cleaning! That's a bit of news to me!
Yeah, I still say don't stick the cotton swab inside your cat's ears. It's not recommended:
http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/how-to-clean-your-cats-ears /
Yes I understood.. Emotion: smile Thank you for the link. I loved that site's name and step #1 "Find your cat" is funny too...Emotion: big smile
How often do you perform this procedure on your cats if I may ask alfinnlay? I just need some basic guideline on the frequency.
Well, my cats haven't had to need much ear cleaning actually. They're so clean and I am a neat freak (although I am not as anal as I used to be, too tired!). And they don't go outside, so that's a big reason. If their ears start to get itchy I pretty much do what that website says, but for them, it's not often. My sister's cat though, who has some health issues is a different story. And my sister is a PIG! I'm not shy to say, I'm the one who cares for Midnight full time. She's so itchy in the ears all the time. I have to clean more often. Usually a kitty with health issues won't groom as much so it's probably weekly to bi-weekly.
I see. This helps a lot. Many thanks!
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