Hello my fellow pet enthusiasts!

This isn't really a pet story, and yet it is. So I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I have been a member of the WSPA for years now. I 've had many wonderful opportunities with them, and I've learned so much already. I've helped rescue stray dogs in Athens, and I've learned more through these people, than I ever thought possible.

But this morning I recieved a letter. Many many weeks ago I filed in an application to be accepted on a course about different animals and acute vet-care.

And amongst about 100 applicants, I was one of the 10 who got accepted. So next week I'm starting up my classes, and if all goes well, I'll be standing with a certificate in my hand in about 10 weeks - which could take me SO many places, to help out the WSPA even more! (I won't be a vet or anything like that, by the way. But I'll be able to help out more than I am now.)

I'll keep you updated (if you want to hear more about it) but untill then, wish me good luck!
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Wow congratulations, Stormy, and good luck to you!! I'm really, really glad for you! [Ye] Emotion: dance In fact I had no idea you were a member ofWSPA, so it's a double (and good) surprise for me. Emotion: smile
Thanks Lana!

Yeah, I've been a member for a long time. I love this orginization, and I really feel that everything I put into the WSPA I get back ten-fold.Emotion: clap

(So now I'm just trying to struggle through this rather large book about vet-care.... It's exciting.. But haaaaard.)

But I'm really on cloud no. nine here! Emotion: dance
i'm so happy for you stormy! ^_^ would you tell more about your experience with them? how much of your time does that activity take? what are you responsibilities and main tasks?
Thank you meercata.

I've been so fortunate to go on trips with them, mostly here in Scandinavia, but I've been on one trip woth them to Athens. Which was a great experience, where I've helped capture street dogs, so they could come to the local shelter and get help. Unfortunately most of them are in a terrible state, and will eventually be put to sleep. But they do have a 'no kill' policy, which means that anything which can be saved will be saved. On these trips I couldn't do much but to help capture them - but if I pass my exams I will be able to give them IV-drips, attend to smaller injuries untill they can be seen by a vet and I will gain a lot more general knowledge about different animals.

I will go to an evening class once a week - which is a 5 hour class every time, and in the meantime I have a lot of reading to do. Then there will be 2 exams, one oral and one practical. If I pass (knock on wood) I can go on more rescue missions, and do a lot more then just help capture the animals.

I only wish I would have more time, but (unfortunately) I have a (paid) job, which does take up most of my time. Emotion: phew
i'll keep my fingers crossed for you! ^_^ the things you have to study now, they are mostly veterinarian stuff aren't they?
Hey Storm! How is it going with the classes, did you take the exams and get the certificate? Hope you did, this sounds great!
Hi guys!

I totally forgot to keep you updated on this!

Because of my own job, I had to skip a few classes - and then start up again this March.

But last month I recieved my certificate, and I learned more things than I ever thought possible.

I must admit, that between my own job and my classes, my hands has been extremely full, and I really haven't been able to help out here.

But now I'm back - with a bag full of knowledge about our furry friends!

See you again in the forums. Emotion: smile
Very well done, congrats! Happy to see you back. Emotion: smile
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