Hey all, I recently finished an article about British Longhair cats , and found this photography (click the pic to see the original on Flickr). Don't you think it's just a fabulous breed? Well, I know they require a lot of fur care but it seems it's worth it! Just look and this beauty. Emotion: love Does anybody own a British Longhair, by the way?

Looks really fabulous, I must confess. Snow-White! [Luv]
Where can I get one?
I really like these whit cats..they make me think about the Aristocats Emotion: big smile
I´m a breeder of British Shorthair cats - but in my last litter I got a longhaired beauty.

Oh what a cutie! Are you planning on keeping her?
What a sweetie indeed! Love the tail! Emotion: love
Yes.... I do have a silver tabby..... white with silver.... BLH boy of. 1-2/3 yrs old.... sweet lovely bb....