While any time spent bonding with dogs is time well spent. The family leadership exercise while not harmful has no merit in the training of dogs to bond and show leadership. JERRY HOWE is incorrect to claim it has merit.
It is due to the inherent wisdom of dogs who can detect ULTERIOR MOTIVES in the exorcise.
To promote the use of it as a dog training method is NOT REPUTABLE. It is no different then taking a walk or other pursuits that give a dog bonding and thus creating an atmosphere where the dog's innate loyalty will want to be obedient.
Time spent walking and socializing a dog to many stimuli prevent problems arriving from social isolation.
One must consider all aspects of a dog training method when dealing with one's companion dog.
For surely there is no more a loyal companion then the dog. The MANIPULATION involved in the family leadership pack exercise is DEMEANING to the dog's wisdom between knowing MANIPULATION and time spent bonding.
JERRY HOWE's manual belongs in the GARBAGE !