We have a 6 month old lab puppy and we've had problems with her eating. When she eats she looks anxious (tail tucked between her legs), and the speed of her eating is too fast. So fast that she usually throws up 10 mins later. We've showed her to a vet but they could find nothing wrong. What can we do?
It's actually perfectly normal for dogs to eat very quickly. It's in their genes and is instinctive. It goes back to the pack mentality, before dogs were kept as pets. They had to eat their kill as fast as possible, or another animal would steal it from them. That's why she looks anxious and lowers her tail while eating.

I am a bit worried about her throwing up, though. What are you feeding her? She may have an allergy or intolerance of some kind to the food she is being fed. Changing her diet may correct that problem. I strongly recommend either a natural diet or holistic food.
my cat does this too it got to the point where i fed her a little bit at a time rather then put all the food in the bowel at once. she still ate it fast of course but it slowed her down enough to stop her throwing up and now shes slowed down enough to be fed normally so maybe thats worth a try? but natural foods are always better anyway in so many ways and although seem expensive last so much longer so well worth it not to mention they get full faster so even if she still eats fast it wouldnt be so much all at once (in theory) Emotion: smile
Hello anon,

How large was the litter your lab came from? If there were other dominant puppies, they might have been suppressing her. Hence her desire to wolf down the food - before the others can take it away. If you have other dogs, I'd suggest that you feed her separately so that no one can disturb her and make her anxiety worse. Try to do what kittehlewis said - give her smaller meals more often so that she can't have enough to throw it up. Try special food bowls called "Brake-fast". They usually have 3 pegs inside so the pup will have to eat around. This should help slow her down.

Last but not least - I agree with the above written that natural diet is always better. Good luck!