when I put a live hopper mouse in my ball python's cage...he was just scared of it. rolled up and hid his head. now i'm wondering... when should i try again? in 2-3 days or tomorrow? and what should i do so that he isn't scared again?could it have happened because the mouse was running around the cage really a lot? would a pre-killed mouse work better? he's a very young snake, i was told he's only 3 weeks old and hasn't shed.
many thanks for your advice
i wish there were a certain formula of success when you feed ball pythons! but there's not. the best thing you can do is to keep trying. pre-killed prey might work better in your case me thinks. be very careful with giving your snake live mice because when a ball python is not hungry rodents can injure it. the bites can be very nasty and they are almost always followed by secondary infections. all ball pythons are different with their feeding preferences so try different things and learn from everything you do. g'luck!