We all know that barn cats feed on live mice.. so I was wondering is it OK to give them to indoor cats? (except for the fact it's kinda cruel) Does anyone feed their cats live mice?
I would never want to try that to be honest. I'd feel pity for the mice. I know it's natural for barn cats but in that case a mouse still has a chance to escape... I wouldn't want to purposely bring mice to unavoidable death.
An addition to the above post: I'm asking this because I thought having some prey could keep a cat happier since it would satisfy its needs as hunter. Waiting for your opinions!
With living on a farm, my indoor cats catch wild mice here all the time, so it's not a problem at all. The only problem with doing what you're planning is if the cat misses catching the mouse and it gets loose in your home. You could end up with a houseful of mice in your walls.
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I do not really know but I think that the Cat would not eat the mice. A few years ago I used to mind (babysit) my Granny's (Grandmother's) Cat and one night she would not come in to go to bed. So, as a real owner would do I tryed to coax her in, she was out in the front garden. As I approached her (she was out in the front garden playing with something, I thought it was a ball or something) but as I approached her I noticed it was a mouse. She tapping the mouse after she let it go and 'dared' it to run away. It ran and it only got about a half a metre and then pounced upon it and went back to here she was and started the 'game' again. The reason why I am telling you this story is she did not eat the mouse, she even wanted to bring it into the house.

I feed my blacky live mice full grown in a run -Its great fun

Hes worked out how to trap them but normally plays for ages - sadistic little beast

after watching the Slenderman on TV i think people that feed mice to cats in front of their small children or more like psychopaths . It is sickening i find to watch it and it has shaken me up. I think the girl is in the video is a bitch and she's going to be sorry when her kid starts killing cats or worse people.