is it ok to feed my cat a fried chicken and she also eat hot dog as her snack.
Even though I've read that some people feed their cat hot dogs, I wouldn't. Hot dogs are very fatty, and for any living thing, processed meat is simply not healthy. Same goes for fried chicken, the skin will be very fatty. If anything perhaps remove the skin and just give her the cooked chicken in small pieces (definitely remove it if it has spices on it!).
Overall I've learned that feeding human food to animals just isn't healthy for them. Cat food should always be of good quality because they need the right blend of minerals and vitamins.
Hopefully someone else can give a more detailed answer too Emotion: smile
Thank u so much....
I agree 100% please don't feed your kitty human food. There are so many things that are toxic and dangerous and also just plain unhealthy! Cats have a liver that is very sensitive and does not filter things the way a human's does. It's just not worth the risk. If you want to feed plain chicken with NO SPICES or anything on it, that's fine. Hot dogs, absolutely not. Not even good for us people (although I still eat them, LOL).
yes, i remove the skin and spices of the chicken before i give her, it's purely the chicken meet, but for the hot dog it's only small amount and she drink a lot of water after eating. thank u so much.....
It doesn't matter sweetie, once you cook the chicken with the spices on the skin it seeps in, that's why we put spices on the chicken when we cook it. Cats can't have onions, garlic, all kinds of things. And hot dogs are way too much fat. A kitty is much smaller than a human. It really is not important to do this so I would concentrate on feeding her proper treats like freeze dried and dehydrated grain free treats. I have a list of those on my website: http://ibdkitties.net/Treats.html . I know it sounds like these aren't going to be as good as giving human food but trust me, I haven't seen a cat yet that doesn't go crazy for them, inlcuding mine. They are PURE MEAT AND NOTHING ELSE. These are proper foods to give cats and that's always what you should stick with. I've had way too many friends with kitties who have actually died from giving human food. Please understand that. I know it seems cruel not to give them what they want like kids but they are our kids. And it's our responsibility to treat them with discipline as well as love. Emotion: big smile
Thank u so much for the nice tip. Yes, your right they are our kids and i love my cat so much.
I know you do and that's what will make you a wonderful kitty parent. There are a lot of things to learn, even for those of us that have been learning about this stuff for years. Cat's systems are so much more complicated than any of us thought. Have you noticed these days how many kitties are getting diabetes, IBD, pancreatitis, all kinds of diseases? 85% of that is food. Cats are obligate carnivores and the food they put out there now and things people feed on the side are making them sick. I know it's tough to see their begging eyes, but love means being tough sometimes. That toughness will most likely mean you have a happier, healthier, long living sweetie. That's all I want for you and your baby! A long and wonderful life together with as little to no illness as possible. Another good website to read is catinfo.org. She's a vet who has completely dedicated herself to educating about proper feeding for pets. Please let us know if you have any other questions okay? I think any of us here are more than happy to help.

Get over yourself sweetie. Yes, you can feed your cat/dog the occasional hot dog and nothing will happen. No cancer or disease.

Believe it or not cats/dogs eat way worst things outside by themselves.

You’re not that important lady