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Not Good for humans ??

No actually its not good for Humans, reason being is the crap that's added into it from Factory Farms...
Humans are omnivours not vegatarians . despite what the vegatarians wouldlike us to believe .

Vegetarians live a longer healthier life. Not that I could give up meat all together, if you like it, eat it. There's nothing wrong with eating meat, but the fact is a vegetarians diet is much, much better.
Eating meat aloowed us to survive more than one ice age . Go back evenfurther it allowed us to develop have big brains . Eating meat is intregal tobeing human .

As a big of a brain that might be, you still might want to try a spell check & re-read what you write. :-P
Over eating meat is problamatic .

Over eating anything is.
I don't know, but when you feed it to baby turtles they die.

Aiieee! Tell more. I've occasionally fed mine hamburger or steak bits, when I really wanted them to get interested in ... was teeming with these itty-bitty minnows; I bet they spent all day eating and got twice as big before hibernating!

No, no, I didn't mean they die right away! I meant when hamburger is ALL they are fed. I remember the days when you could buy a baby slider for 99 cents at Woolworths, and they told you to take it home and feed it hamburger. My brother and I went through quite a few before Mom finally said "no more!" And then it became illegal to sell them under 4". I'm sure that wasn't all that killed them, either, but it certainly isn't good.

If he's putting vitamin powder in it and giving them crickets occasionally and it's working for him, what the heck.
Any one have any thoughts on this concerning their health ?

In addition to the issue of vitamins and minerals that other people have mentioned, I'd also worry about the fat content and lack of roughage. Hamburger is full of fat. I imagine the food amphibians eat in the wild is fairly lean. Also, hamburger has all the "chunky bits" taken out, no hair or chitin or other stuff to bulk it up. I am not an amphibian keeper, but with monitors this leads to slimy, smelly poo, indicating to me these is some difference with digestion going on. If you really want to keep feeding ground meat, I'd switch to ultra-lean ground turkey (but then, if I had amphibians, I would not feed them ground meat at all except as an emergency measure).

To email me, take out the trash.
Any one have any thoughts on this concerning their health ?

A bit of quick websurfing turns up these 2 sites:
http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-001-02s04s1.html http://www.ghann.com/catalog/nutrition.htm
Let's do a quick comparison.

4.7% fat
17.5% protein
1.4% fiber
318 iu/100g D3.1:1 Ca:P ratio
10% fat
20% protein
0% fiber

0 vitamin D1:15 Ca:P ratio
Fat: Taking in too much fat can lead to fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis) and an early death. Obesity in amphibians can lead to liver disorders which may disrupt the animal's ability to osmoregulate.
Protein: Looks comparable. I've no idea what the differences are (if any) between insect protein and mammal protein.

Fiber: Keeps the digestive system running. Too little leads to constipation.
Vitamin D/Ca:P: Lack of Calcium and Vit D may lead to rickets, MBD (metabolic bone disease), and/or paralysis.
Not knowing what other vitamins are found in crickets that you don't find in beef, you also run the risk of blindness, tissue deformities, infertility, loss of blood clotting ability, and ultimately death.
Most symptoms of these illnesses will not appear until the animal is already seriously affected. Some (like fatty liver disease) may not become apparent until a necropsy is done.
To sum up: All beef diet BAD.
Some amphibians may be supplemented with beef on occasion, but typically these are animals that would eat rodents or other small mammals in the wild. This does not apply to your tree frogs or FBTs.
Well, it sounds entertaining for you, but I doubt that ... I feed them crickets, superworms, feeder fish and mice. Cindy

What IS the calcium:phosphorous ratio of ground beef??? fr0glet

Although it is better than, say, sirloin, cheap hamburger has a Ca: P ratio of approximately 1:16 (those bone chips really make the difference). Probably a recipe for MBD et al if fed exclusively to either reptiles or amphibians. Or humans.